Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

The T&Cs (also referred to as Houserules), have been designed to provide maximum comfort to our esteemed members with uniform experience across all Kocreate. These House Rules may change from time to time in keeping with the dynamic world that we live in. We have tried to incorporate the aspirations and expectations of all the members, however, at any point in time our members feel the need of any flexibility, our community manager will be happy to hear you.

1. Nature of the Service Agreement

Kocreate management may transfer the benefit of the Member’s Agreement and the obligations under it at any time. This clause reflects the fact that the Member is taking a serviced office agreement and not a lease and that the management retains overall control of the Co-working space. The Member has no real-property or commercial property interest of any kind in the premises where the Co-working space is located. Where the Member is a company and it merges with another or the Member needs to allow an affiliate to use the services provided under the membership agreement, the Member will explain the need for any change to the Kocreate management and the management will give careful consideration in each case.

2. On boarding

The community manager shall assist in onbording all incoming members. The community manager shall take the new members on a short tour of the entire hub informing the incoming members about the various facilities and mode of usage. The community manager shall enlist all the assets provided to the incoming members viz. furniture & fixtures, equipments, keys, entry cards etc. The authorized representative of the incoming organization shall accept the responsibility of all the assets provided by signing the inventory sheet to be kept with the community manager. A copy of the inventory sheet shall be provided to the incoming member/s. The Member must notify the Community Manager with the identity of each occupant of the Co-working space who shall be using the membership facilities on behalf of the member.

The member need to provide all relevant information about their employees, partners, associates, etc who would be occupying the space allocated to the member. Such information shall be provided to the Community Manager in hard and /or soft copy, shall be self attested and can be one or more of the following documents

  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter’s Id

The above information shall be kept confidential and shall not be disclosed with anyone other than as per the requirement of law.