Ditch your boring cubicles & unbox the opportunities at Kocreate.

“Thinking out of the box’​, you must have seen this phrase revolving around you a hundredtimes. Some are encouraged to think out of the box by their employers and some are fond ofdoing so. But how can anyone think so when he is already trapped in one. Yes, box. The cubicle ‘box’.

It’s not just a cubicle, it’s more than that. It’s a source of stress and lost concentration. Whenmany people around you are doing a job for the sake of ​just​doing a job, how can they even letyou concentrate? Or can you concentrate on your aim in between gossips about a neighbourgetting robbed and their relatives getting married?

Add to it, sitting for eight hours for just the sake of sitting eight hours in a six by six box levels upthe stress level. When introduced with the aim of increasing the productivity of employees,cubicles were just partitions between the workers, but with time they have grown to be a sourceof maximizing floor area by accommodating more and more people in less area possible. Whileover the time this have solved the logical problem of utilizing space area however, they seem tofail badly in terms of increasing productivity and health level of fellow employees.

Increased stress levels, back pain, loss of health and appetite, and even depression haveturned out to be the best friend of these boring cubicle boxes.But for everything there is an aid. We, at cubicles have tried our level best to keep you awayfrom these boring cubicles, with many advantages kocreate have proved to be the bestreplacement for these boring cubs by unboxing many advantages.So, what’s the wait for?Right away, ditch your boring cubicles and unbox the opportunities at kocreate and think out ofthe box 😉 .


At kocreate, Experience something beyond just a coworking space

After figuring out ​Why you should opt for a coworking space​, the next immediate step thatcomes into picture is to find ​which ​coworking space should I opt for? What added advantagesdoes my coworking space should have over mainstream coworking spaces and the list goes on.But you won’t stop until you find the perfect coworking space for you.

That’s what human natureis all about. 😉 Well, imagine a coworking space where along with all the major advantages of a traditionalcoworking space you’ll find some more perks. That’s absolutely going to leave you astonished!That’s what kocreate aim at! Leaving you in awe by the ease and the facilities. How about gettingguidance from the best people on the board? Or getting advisory services like finance,talent? Orto get the opportunity to get in touch with the brilliant minds? You’ll not find these services out ofkocreate. kocreate aim at delivering you the best experience that too beyond a coworking space.

If you choose kocreate you’ll get:

  • Free Advisory services on Legal, HR, Finance, Talent from leading service basedorganizations of India.
  • Free Mentorship Session from Industry Panel on the board.
  • An opportunity to network with like-minded and startup community, help and grow together.

It’s never too late to grow professionally and personally. Experience always matters when youcome out of a place or step into it.And yes, best is yet to come with kocreate. So, stop your hunt for the best coworking space andstep at kocreate.


Hustling is the name of the game in a startup

‘​Hustling is the name of the game in a startup​’. With various difficulties people face itbecomes difficult to find a perfect coworking space without much of hassle and working in sucha place is a challenge in itself. So, if you are planning on to overcome these challenges  youneed to find a perfect place for starting your new venture

kocreate, is one such coworking space where you can focus on your aims without gettinginvolved in other nuisance. All you need to do is to take care of just your work and not thebaffling going around. Located in Noida Sector 63, kocreate is a perfect coworking space tokickstart your dreams. With all amazing nearby food outlets like Haldirams, Pind Balluchi, McD,banks, ATMs, malls like Shipra, Jaipuria, Fortis hospital, and an upcoming metro you’ll find it asthe perfect location for your startup. You need not go far away for finding anything that is bestsuited for you. All of the facilities are just nearby to your working location.

Isn’t it good? Finding good people, good food, all perks nearby to your working location. Andmore importantly, you’ll find all facilities inside and outside kocreate so there is no need to go onsearching for things and you can save your​time​.

So, finding a perfect coworking space isn’t much difficult with kocreate around you.So, what is the need of baffling at work? Just connect at kocreate; we will take care of all yourhassle.


Coworking and Creativity at Workplace

What modern day workers seek in a workplace is a motivating environment to maximize theirproductivity and efficiency. This is the main reason they go for a workplace. If this has not beenthe case, they would prefer to Work from Home. All comfort and good food at home will havemotivated to work more. But that’s not the ca

The major reason that people come to office is more than just performing a task. They comethere to become a social man, enhance their personality, increase the productivity, learn fromothers. All in all, they come to office to work with others to learn from them and to help themlearn. But, the traditional offices offer nothing more than inflexible timings, boring atmosphere,hard and fast policies and rules. These restrictions led younger and older people to think ofbetter alternatives.

To their aid, coworking spaces overcome all the shortcomings of a traditional workspace.Coworking spaces with a soothing interior are designed in order to make people feel like home.The creativity at coworking spaces is beyond imagination. The user friendly and interactive atmosphere soothes the soul and increase the productivity.

If your mind is relaxed your productivity increases multifolds.

A good interior, bright colors, soothing lighting automatically brightens up your mood and you’llbe more productive without even trying.


Coworking: The best choice for introverts. Why?

When we hear the term coworking, we visualize a spectrum of different people fromdifferent cultures, tastes, environments working together for a common aim. Butyou’ll be surprised to know that out of these people approximately 40% of peoplearound us are introverts. Yes! That’s true.

But the major question that struck people mind turns out to be, why wouldintroverts like to co-work?

Well, with some research we are able to get an answer to this twisting question.

Introverts like their quiet time, they need time to restore themselves from time totime. But when it comes to socializing or being any part of community, they want tobe a part of that too. They also like to socialize but ​selectively​.

We have heard a famous saying, ‘Introverts are the best thinkers’ so they needtime alone most of the times but at the same time, this is not true always. So. incoworking spaces, they get both.

 Why introverts want to co-work?

Coworking spaces is a solution to introverts as:

  • They can have their personal time by working in quiet atmosphere formoments of solitude.
  • Many coworking spaces have quite rooms, dedicated areas with peoplehaving fewer conversations.
  • They can turn their headphones on and work the way they want to.
  • Different activities happening in a coworking spaces are not a compulsion toattend, so if they want to take part, they can enjoy that too.

These points do not imply, that coworking is a place for just introverts. Go back tothe first line, it is a spectrum of many introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts workingtogether.


Don’t Miss Out on These Factors Before Selecting a Co-working Space

Are you looking for a coworking space to start your empire? If yes, you need to extra attentivewhile reading this article. Selecting an office space is just more than selecting a place. It have ahuge impact on your coming business and can make or break your dream. So, remember these 5 factors before you take any decision for your co-working space.

1. Budget

The very first thing that you need to take care of while selecting a space for your startup isbudget. Coworking spaces provide you with various membership plans. You can check outkocreate membership plans​ here, we have very friendly plans that suits your needs.

2. Location

You need to make sure that the coworking space you choose is not very difficult to commute, orisin some remote area which is inaccessible. For example: kocreate’ locations is easilyaccessible, with an upcoming metro, you’ll find zero hassle in accessibility.

3. Community and culture

When selecting a coworking space, the one of the major factors that you need to take care of iscommunity. Because when you join a coworking space, you automatically become an inevitablepart of its community. Like minded and enthusiast people around you drives you a step closer tosuccess.

4. Amenities

With above factors,  you also need to take care of your needs and facilities like printers, foodstores, fun places, coffee machines,drinking water, etc that you might need from time to time.So, select a place that doesn’t lack in basic amenities.

5. Hidden Costs

This is one of the most painful situations, you come across after selecting a coworking space.Make sure of this beforehand so you do not have to deal with it later. kocreate assures you zerohidden costs.


Opex v/s Capex: How you can minimize them with the use of ‘As a Service’

In a startup the major crunch that is faced mostly by the entrepreneurs turn out to be Expenditure. We do everything in our control to minimize the expenditures. Be it investing ininfrastructure, or going for hiring in initial phases we look out for every possible way to minimizethese in early phases.

When starting off, we might face expenditures in form of Opex and Capex. As some peoplemight be already aware of these terms while others may find them hard to digest. Both theterms are related to expenditures but they are far different from each other.

Opex is the slang for Operational Expenditure that includes expenditures in form of sales,administration, research and development, etc that goes on a regular basis. It includes thesalary of your employees as well whereas Capex, i.e. Capital expenditures includes all yourinitial and long time investments like infrastructure building, setting up the workplace and all onetime huge investments.

When you can find ‘Everything as a Service’ you might find it useful to use ‘as a services’ tominimize your expenditures. Be it SaaS or PaaS you can use shared cloud and pay for what
you use and when you use. No extra investments, no extra expenditures, no maintenance. Youcan use services or products maintained by other service provider and use as per your needs.

This might help new learners to move ahead with their passion without the pressure of how todeal with Opex and Capex.


The era of Coworking and growth in the Indian market.

With the majority of the people taking a step ahead in helping people in solving their problemsand stepping into the world of entrepreneurship the coworking space market is also growing likea beast.

You can not deny the fact that coworking spaces have grown by 1121% from 2011 to 2017 andthe number of members have drastically increased to 1.2 millions from just 43000. This showshow beautifully coworking has evolved in the past 6 years!

Not just this, the pool of coworking is constantly increasing since the day the term was coinedby Bernard DeKoven in 1999. As of today coworking has a potential market size includingfreelancers, startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

Indian people have adopted coworking spaces lovingly and are contributing to a majority of thecoworking market share.

What is the future of coworking?

GCUC ​and ​Emergent research​ have predicted that the coworking spaces will continue tosurprise us by gaining a drastic growth of 3.8 million by 2020 and by 2020 they are expected toreach around 5.1 millions. (Shocked? That’s how it’s going to grow).

With this drastic growth coworking is also going to affect the way people work and handleworkforce with the bare minimum investment. Coworking is like a boon to the youngentrepreneurs and they are also not failing the way the market is growing so believe it or not,coworking has a long way to go.


What Millennials/ Gen Z craves for at workplace?

Paradigm has been shifting to transform a workplace to a widened horizon with everypassing year. As offices and workplaces are being flooded by Gen Z(Born between 1996 and 2010) andtheir older counterparts, millennials,

The urge to mutate workplace according to them isgrowing furiously. Though these generations are different from each other but theyshare a common interest for a workplace and are highly selective while going for aworkplace.

Key considerations Millennials/Gen Z look for:

Integrated Technology

No doubt Millennials have seen dial up connections to high speed Wifi, but Gen Z havegrown to be be technology ingrained in their lives. As time passed, they started to sharea common love, love for technology.

A fast internet connection is more important than food for this tech savvy population.Including technologies like augmented reality, IoT, virtual reality automatically attractsthis section to the workplace.

Urge to Work Under Great Leadership

When you look at Millennials in particular, they have a desire to the workplace to makesure if their role has direct impact on the society. Part of this role relies upon tie up withgood leaders. They like to work under a leader who is communicative and listens to theirmissions and visions and work upon them.

Lifestyle Offerings

Millennials and Gen Z have ever-changing lifestyles ranging from fitness oriented todemands for refreshment offerings like gyms, cafes, spas, sleeping pods, bars, etc. Added offerings like group vacations, reading sessions, fun sessions, comic gatheringslooks like an icing on the cake.

Taking in mind the flavors liked by Millennials and Gen Z, various workspaces arerecreating themselves and some are adapting to them.One such shared workspace is kocreate which takes care of all your needs and liking.Check it out.


Why You Should Opt For a Coworking Space

The very first question that comes to our minds when we decide to opt for anything is ​’Why’​? Same goes for finding a workplace for your startup. When you decide to start a journey all by yourself, the very first thing that you need is a placewhere you can work. You’ll find the various options to choose from out of which one is a’Coworking space’.

Again comes the question. ‘​Why should I choose a coworking space?’

You can always go for a coworking space as:

  • You’ll find brilliant minds besides you:​ As many  people with brilliant minds and adream in their eyes start their journey in a coworking space so you’ll find them workingalongside you. You can learn from them and help them too! Exchanging ideas is a bigdeal because that’s what changes the world.
  • It’s a healthy environment to work in:​ With amazing interiors, coworking spacesalways try  to provide you a feel like home atmosphere. With creatives inside them, theyboost up your energy and confidence level and also increasing your productivity.
  • Events boosting your mental health:​ Since various day to day activities keep going onin a coworking space hence it improves your mental health by giving a boost to it andmaking you more social.
  • Develop a strong network: ​When you work with different people of different zoners youalways tend to benefit from them. One such benefit is strong network which can help youafterwards.

With so many benefits, there is no doubt to go for a coworking space. So, what else is needed?